What is a payment provider, and why do I need it? 

A payment provider is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card payments for a business. It processes your customer's credit card on your website and manages the payment transaction. 

Getting Started:

To find the list of available payment providers, select the "cogwheel" in the top right corner of the page, then select "Payment Provider" from the sidebar.

Then, you will see a screen  stating that you do not have a payment provider configured. Click yes to continue and add a payment provider.

Here you can view all  the payment providers that Bokun integrates with.

When you select a payment provider from the list, a new page opens and you will be prompted to add information in order to make the integration.

Specific instructions to set up in Bokun these payment providers:

Paypal: How to set up PayPal Token (no redirection to Paypal website, the customer stays on your website to pay on your Bokun booking engine using your Paypal token)

Paypal: How to set up Payment page (redirects to a Paypal page for payment using Bokun booking engine)

Trust my Travel: How to set up Trust my Travel

Stripe: How to setup Stripe

Braintree: How to set up Braintree

Six: How to setup Six

Paytrail: How to setup Paytrail

Paysafe: How to setup Paysafe

Pugnpay: How to setup Plug'n Pay

Realex: How to setup Realex

DIBS: How to set up DIBS

Korta: How to set up Korta payment Page
: How to set up Korta payment Gateway

Worldpay: How to set up Worldpay

Borgun: How to set up Borgun payment Page
: How to set up Borgun payment Gateway

Valitor: How to set up Valitor payment Page
: How to set up Valitor payment Gateway

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