At the point of creation, the Bókun website builder automatically imports all active products you have in Bókun. If you’d like to add additional products you’ll need to create a product list in Bókun and then connect it to your Bókun website.

Step 1 - Creating a new product list

  1. In your Bókun account, navigate to Products > Product lists and click the Blue Create Product list button.

Here you’ll have to enter:

  • Title: name of the list (i.e. this could be an overall category, i.e. walking tours)
  • Description: this is an internal description and not visible to customers

2. Next, click Save & Continue.

Step 2 - Adding products to the product list

The next step is to select products to add to your new product list.

  1. Go to the Products tab in your Bókun account
  2. Filter by supplier or category and select the relevant product
  3. Click on the blue Add button to add the selected product to your list.
  4. Repeat this step for every product that you want to add to this list and your products will be saved to the list automatically.
  5. Once you’ve completed your list, click on the Active toggle in the top right corner to activate your product list.

Step 3 - Connecting the product list to the Bókun Website

When you have completed and activated your Product List, you’ll have to connect it to your website.

  1. In your Bókun account, go to the Websites tab on the top menu bar.
  2. Click Site Content on the left-hand side menu, choose the Product List you have just created from the dropdown and then click Continue.
  3. Next, log into your website builder.
  4. Click on Content > Collections in the left-hand side menu. Then click the gear icon and Refresh data. (Note: You may also need to refresh the browser page for the changes to take effect.)
  5. Next, go to the Widgets section on the left-hand side menu and find the Bókun featured list widget. Depending on where you’d like your product list to appear, you can drag and drop it on your website page.
  6. As the Bókun Featured Tours list is not connected to any data yet, you’ll need to right-click on the Widget and then select Connect to data to connect it to your product list.

7. This will bring up a popup where you’ll select your tours-page collection from the drop-down and click Done.

8. Finally, don’t forget to re-publish your site when you’re done!

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