Before you can add a booking engine to your web, there are two steps you have to finish first:

Step one: Create a booking channel. Booking channel is to track where the bookings are originated from.

Step two: Create the on-line booking engines for transport products. 

On line booking engines are created as widgets in the system. When the widgets are added (embedded) to your web, they become booking engines.

You have two specific widgets for Transport:

Route Search Form

Route Search Results

Route Search Form is the form where the customer adds his search criteria, date time etc.

Route Search Results, is where the results from the search form are shown:

When a customer searches on the Route Search Form he is led to another page where the results of his search are published. Thus, the booking procedure is a two step process.

For the widgets to function as an online booking engine this how the set up is:

"Route Search Results" is embedded to a empty page in your CMS. This is a page you have to create in your CMS system and the URL could be The function of this widget is show the search results.

The URL "" is added to the URl in the "Route Search Form". The route search form is added to the page where the customer starts booking the product and is searching for options. 

To embed the "Route Search Results", choose the  "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

Choose "Embed widget" in the Route Search Results line.

Booking Channel: Choose the website the booking engine is supposed to be on. If you have not created a booking channel here are instruction on how to make a booking channel.

Supplier: Choose the supplier of this product (the product can be your own or form one of you suppliers).

Product: Choose the name of the product you are creating a booking engine for.

Language: in which language do you want to have the booking engine

Currency: which currency do you want to show in your booking engine

Protocol: no need to change this.

When you have filled in this information, choose "Generate embed code". Copy this code and add to your Search Results website.

Below the code there is a Preview button. If you press preview you get an preview of how the booking engine looks like and functions.

When you have added the Sear Results to your web you can add the search form (you can also do it the other way around, it doesn´t matter)

This is done the same way. Choose embed by the search form. It is the same as the other one.

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