What is a widget

Widget is your online booking engine. The online booking engines are frames that are added to your website and are seamlessly integrated to your website. To add a booking engine to your website you produce a code/link in Bókun that you paste to your website. This is similar as to adding a YouTube video to your Facebook site, just the link is a bit longer.

Here is an example of a booking engine widget for your accommodation.

How is the booking process

The booking process is two steps. In the first step the customer selects the date and time for the activity. In Bókun we call this step "Time selector". In the second step the customer adds their information, such as name , e-mail, nationality and all the custom questions you can add in your booking process. The second step is called "Checkout".

After or in the checkout step, you can accept an online payment from your customer. Whether the customer is redirected to another secure page to make the payment or is located on your page to finalise his payment depends on the payment provider you select to use.

What do I have to complete before adding a booking engine to my website

There are few things you need to have in place before you add a booking engine.

  • Booking channel (you already have a default one you can use)
  • Widgets (you already have default ones you can use)
  • Terms and conditions ("Select the name of your company" on the top bar and "Terms & Conditions" from the drop down-list)
  • Payment Provider, if you intend to accept online payments ("Select the name of your company" on the top bar and "payment providers" from the drop down-list)

How to embed a booking engine to my website

To enter the widget start by selecting the  "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Widget” from the side bar:

On the page you arrive to you have a list over the widgets that belong to your account. There are by default two widgets available to you. Room selector and Checkout.

You can select "add" to create more widgets, and also to create other types of widgets you might need.

To embed/add a booking engine to your website, you add the first step of the booking process first to your site. The first step is the room selector, that is the calendar in the example at the top of the article.

Select "Embed Widget" in the same line you have your room selector. In this case it is the lower line and I select "Embed Widget" there.

To produce the booking engine you first have to select the booking channel and the product this booking engine is for, then you produce the code that you will embed to your website.

The settings you have available here are:

Booking Channel: Required field. Select the booking channel (website) where the booking engine will be. What the booking channel does is to track from which web your bookings are originating from.

Supplier: Required field. Select the supplier who owns the product you are creating a booking engine for. That could be you, or any supplier you have an active contract with on marketplace.

Product: Required field. Here you select the product this booking engine is for. The product list updates, depending on which supplier you have selected.

Link to Affiliate: Optional field. what you can do in Bókun, is to produce a booking engine and send the code to someone else who can embed the booking engine to their own website. In that case you probably would like to track the commission the seller should get for selling your products. To do that you can create an affiliate in Bókun, then you can select the correct affiliate from this drop down list to link the affiliate to this booking engine.

Language: Select the language the booking engine should be in. English is selected by default. If you would like to create booking engines in other languages then you first have to activate the language and translate your content.

Currency: Select the currency your booking engine should be in.

Protocol: Leave this like it is.

Automatically size the iframe to fit content: it does resize automatically so leave this like it is, unless you need something very special.

When you have set the parameters for the booking engine. Press “Generate embed code” and the embedding code appears in the box on the right hand site.

To see and test the widget before you paste it to your website you can select the preview button that has by no appeared below the code. Then you see how your widget looks like and if it is working correctly.

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