On the Vendor info page you add the basic settings for your company, e.g. the name of your company, you can customise your login link, select your as well as add your company description for marketplace. 

Moreover, you add your contact information in Vendor Info, e.g. your billing information, marketplace contact information. 

To enter the Vendor Info page select "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Vendor Info” from the side bar:

On the Vendor page you have few section, lets go through them one by one. 

Company settings 

This is the section at the top of the page where you add the basic information for your company. 

Title: This is the name of your company. This name will appear on the marketplace, on your customer tickets and payment confirmations, and everywhere where a company name is shown. 

Description: this is the description that will be added to your companies card on marketplace. Its good to add some basic information on what your company does here, what kind of products you offer, if you are a seller etc.

Your website: This is the link to your website. This link will e.g. appear on your card in marketplace and on your customer tickets. 

Service Address: this is your companies address. This address is not shown to your customer. 

Booking prefix: these are the first letter or numbers in your booking reference number. This is usually 3-4 letters/numbers. E.g. "AAN" then your booking reference numbers will look like this: AAN-1472428. Thee booking reference number are the numbers the customer gets on their tickets. 

Default language: This is the language that e.g. your online booking engines will default on when you create them. You can override the language per individual booking engines when you embed them. 

Default currency: This is the currency that e.g. your online booking engines, your marketplace contracts will default on. You can override the currency in each individual case. 

Default time zone: Here you can select your time zone. This settings defaults on the country you selected when you created your account.

Service contact details

These are the information for the contact person in your company for Bókun.

Billing contact details

The billing information for your Bókun account. The e-mail you add here is the e-mail where you will receive your monthly invoices to. 

You can make this information be the same as your service contact information, by checking the "Billing contact is the same as service contact" box.

Contract contact details

These are the contact information that will appear on your card on marketplace. All contract proposals and amendments will come to the e-mail you give up here. 

You can make this information be the same as your service contact information, by checking the "Contract contact is the same as service contact" box.

Company details

These are you companies registration details, e.g. you company name, registration number (if applicable), registration number is kennitala in Iceland, address on so on. 

By default "Billing address is same as registration address" is selected. However, if your billing address is different you can un-check the box and add another address for billing. 

Bank account 

The bank account information are not required. The bank information are available to sellers to have  suppliers bank information to pay to the seller what they have sold. The seller should receive an invoice from the supplier with the information, these are additional information to add here. 

If you do not want to add or if you don´t have your bank information readily available to you when you are filling out this page, you can add e.g. - in the fields so you can save the page. You can always come back later and update this information.  

Then at the end, remember to save before continuing, so you wont loose all your information.

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