User Roles is access control for users in Bókun. It is possible to give each user different role in the system, e.g. a specific user can have only access to sell products, another one can manage contracts, and one can be admin and control all the others. 

There are predefined user roles in Bókun you can use and assign to your users. Note that you can also create your own custom roles. 

These are the predefined roles available: 

  • Admin: Is a vendor administrator and has all permits available in the system.
  • Sales: Has permits to book, edit bookings before departure and can view products and product content. 
  • Sales Manager: Has permits to book, book back in time, edit bookings both before and after departure. He can view products and product content. 
  • Product Manager:  Has permits to book, book back in time, edit bookings both before and after departure. He can Create and edit products and product content. He has access to embed widgets, integrations, sales channels and other sales and product management options.  
  • Technical: Has permit to embed widgets, manage integrations, plugins and terms of service. He is able to view products and content. 
  • Driver/Guide: Has permits to view operations reports, e.g. Passenger list and Pickup list. There is not a  permit to edit or view anything else in Bokun 

More information can be found on each role by opening up the user roles in Bókun. To do that select the You go to to the users page by selecting "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Users Role” from the side bar:

When you have selected the "User Roles" you come to a page that lists your user permits. You have here a list of the six predefined users roles. Additionally to those six roles you might have more roles listed. Those are either roles you have created or roles that are based on user permits you had created before the six user roles were added.

The other rules might look like something like this and is listing up the permits available to this role:
Content editor,Inventory,Pricing,Contracts,Contracts - read only,Finance,Distribution,Sales,Sales manager,Integration manager,Supplier manager,Subvendor Disguise,Translator,Driver,Guide

These are user permits that are specific to the users on your account and has been based on the user roles you had before the predefined user roles were added to Bokun. You can either just leave them as they are, or you can move your users into any of the predefined user roles.

As an example on this list I have first the 6 predefined roles, the other three are roles that have been manually created or based on already create users. 

More information on how to add/update users can be found on this link 

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