Terms & Conditions are an important part of your booking process. Allowing you to have your customers accept your Terms & Conditions in the booking process is important.

Bókun features a built-in Terms & Conditions system that displays your given text in the Checkout Widget when your customer finishes his/her booking.

Create your Terms & Conditions

To create terms & conditions, click on the "cog wheel" in the top right corner of the page, then select “Terms & Conditions” from the side bar:

Enter or paste your Terms & Conditions into the text box. 

Press Save and your Terms & Conditions will appear for the customer where he/she has to accept them before continuing to payment.

Display options for the Terms & Conditions

Your customers will need to accept your Terms & Conditions before they can proceed to the payment step of your booking process. This is done in the Checkout Widget. The Terms & Conditions can be rendered in two ways.

1: The customer has to click a link to read the Terms & Conditions.
2: Terms & Conditions are always displayed in the Checkout Widget.

This option is set in your Checkout Widget's settings. Navigate to Your Company > Widgets and click the name of your checkout widget. 

Find a checkbox labelled Always show the terms & conditions and set appropriately.

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