There are two steps to add taxes to products.

  1. First you define the tax and configure it's components.
  2. Then you apply the tax to your products.

Define Taxes for products

First we need to define the new tax in the Bókun system. Start by selecting the  "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Taxes” from the side bar:

Click "add" to create your new tax.

After clicking add in the previous step you need to define 4 things:

  1. Title is the name of the tax in the system, e.g. VAT, Sales Tax or VSK.
  2. Default tax for new is used to define to which new products the tax is automatically applied to. E.g. if you select "Activity" from the drop down list the tax will be automatically set to all new activity products.

    Note that you can also add taxes manually to individual items.
  3. This tax is included in price check this box if the tax is included in the prices in your price catalog. If your prices are exclusive of tax, do not check this box.
  4. Rounding mode is used to decide how your tax is rounded off.
    The next step is to define the percentage of the new tax
    To define the percentage of the tax, click the Add tax component button.

Now two new fields are shown.

  1. Title add the name of the tax step. e.g. VAT 11%
  2. Percentage add the percentage of you tax, e.g. 11

Compounding with other taxes: select this option if you have a compounding tax

Click the save button.

Apply Taxes

When you save in the previous step you are forwarded to the "Apply taxes" tool. Here you apply the new tax to your existing products.

Future products will get taxed automatically as you defined before.

From this list, select the products that your new tax is applicable to. If you want to select all products select the check box at the top of the list.

On this list you can always manually apply and remove tax rules from your products.

Remember to save your changes.

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