Creating the Dibs payment provider in Bókun

If you plan to use DIBS to process payments, you need to sign up for their services. Click here to sign up with Dibs. When you have, you can proceed with the setup below.

To add Dibs as a payment provider in Bókun you log in to Bókun and select the "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Payment Providers” from the side bar:

Select "Connect a provider", to add a new payment provider. If you select "Supported Providers" you will see a list of available options that will take you directly to the payment providers signup page. 

Select the Dibs Logo to add Dibs as an payment option: 

Select the Payment option "Dibs Payment Page"

Configuring the Dibs payment provider

On the Dibs Payment provider's settings page you will need to provide Bókun with information on your Dibs account.

This is internal name for your payment provider (you can use what ever name, we suggest you call it Dibs Payment)

The Merchant ID is provided via your DIBS administration site. Click here to log in.

The MerchantID is displayed under SETUP > EDIT PROFILE. See below.

K1 and K2
The settings for both these fields are found in the DIBS administration site. Click here to log in.

The K1 and K2 settings are displayed under INTERGRATION > MD5 KEYS See below.

Leave empty

Leave empty

DIBS Specific settings

To finish the DIBS implementation you are required to log on to the DIBS administration for your account. Click here to log in.

Once logged in you need to configure your DIBS payment process in 3 steps.

Step 1

Navigate to INTERGRATION > MD5 KEYS and Check the checkbox highlighted in the screenshot below. Then click update.

Step 2

Navigate to INTERGRATION > RETURN VALUES and Check the checkboxes highlighted in the screenshot below. Then click update.

Step 3

Navigate to INTERGRATION > CALLBACK and Check the checkbox highlighted in the screenshot below. Then click update.

What next? How to activate my payment option

The next step is to activate the payment provider on your booking channel. Booking channel is what links bookings and payments from your website to Bókun. The reason for why you have to select the payment provider is that you can have more than one contract with payment providers. E.g. you can have one contract with Stripe in EUR for your European market and another one in USD for you american website. In that case you would have to select the EUR contract for you European booking channel.

To add the right payment provider to your booking channel. Select "the menu icon in the top left corner" the select "Booking Channels" from the sidebar:

Select the booking channel you intend to add the payment provider to from your list of channels. You probably just have one channel. 

Select from the "Payment Provider" drop down list, the correct payment provider for this Booking channel. Remember to save when you are done. When you save this is set up and you can receive payments online.

Now you are set and ready to accept payments on your website 

The last step: Test your payment process

After you add the booking engine to your website, a good rule is to create one booking and pay for it. This is to test both the booking process as it turns to your customer and to double check that your payment option is functioning as it should. Here are information on how you can add a booking engine to your website and test the whole booking process.

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