Booking labels are labels that are added to your bookings to help you filter reports like the Sales Feed and the Income Statement by booking labels. You can add multiple labels to your bookings. 

Booking labels are very useful for categorizing your bookings. For example, if you have multiple sales locations, and you would like to track your sales by location. Let's say you sell at a Tourist Information Desk and Hotel sales desk, you can can label the bookings with "toursit info desk" and "hotel"  to keep track of your sales from each location. 

When a booking is created, you can the booking label during the  the booking process or afterwards to an already existing booking. 

After the labels are added, you can go to your Income statement and filter your sales data by the labels you created.

Step 1 - Create your labels

Select  the "Cog wheel" in top right corner and then select “Booking labels” from the side bar:

Write the name of your booking label in the line, e.g. Hotel Desk and select Add new Label. Repeat for each label you would like to add
Don't forget to save before leaving the page. 

Step 2 - Label your bookings 

To label an existing bookings, open the booking you want to add the label to. 

Select edit by the sales information box. 

Add the label in the booking label field and save. 

You can also add the booking labels during the booking process. In the last step, there is a box where you can add your booking label. 

Step 3 - Filter your Sales feed and the Income Statement

Once you start labelling your bookings, a filter will automatically appear on the right side of your sales feed. You can use this filter if you want to view bookings by label.

You can also use labels to filter the Income statement report. View your income statement report by selecting "Reports" from the top bar and "Income statement" from the drop down list. 

In the Income Statement there is an option to filter by booking labels as well as other filtering options. Scroll down the page to find the Booking label filter. 

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