As a seller you can get life inventory, and deliver bookings back to the external system. 

How to set up:

Step one: Activate the integration to the supplier 

To activate the plugin select "the menu icon in the top left corner" on the top bar, then select "Inventory service" from the drop down list. 

Select "Configure plugin" by the supplier you would like to activate and get availability from.

You will get up a form to fill in, the for differs between suppliers but it is going to look something like this. The information for this form is something you will get from the supplier.

When the configuration has been saved you get an a new button, that says "List Products" there you have a list of all the products that your API is returning to you.

Step 2: Set up the activity on Bókun Platform 

When you have configured the integration you have to create on your Bókun account the products you would like to sell from the  supplier.  You can do that via the product list you have in integrated systems. If you have set your products up already you can link those products to your supply. 

To create the products from scratch you start by selecting "List Products" on the Inventory services screen ( "the menu icon in the top left corner" on the top bar, then select "Inventory service" from the drop down list.)

Here you have a list of your products, to create the product on Bókun and map the product select "Create Mapping" by the product you'd like to set up. 

On this screen you see the information that your API is returning to Bókun. E.g. date vs. date and time, Meet on location/pickup and your pricing categories. 

To create the product on Bókun, select "Create new platform product". What happens then is that you create the basics of your product in Bókun, based on the information the API is returning from your system. 

When you press the "Create new platform product" button a new window opens up, where you set the product in Bókun. There you add e.g. description, images, pricing categories, departure times and prices. Keep the other window open, you have to use it later (if you close it you can just go back to the inventory page and open it again). 

The first screen you get, is the basic settings for the product. Here I'm just going to cover the basics that you will have to do Here are detailed information on how to set up products in Bókun.

On the first page, make sure that the "Inventory service Product" box is checked. If you un-check this box, the integration doesn't work. 

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and save.

When you save you get to the overview page of the product. Here are three things you have to do. 

  1. You have to add Pricing categories, the pricing categories are e.g. Adults, Children, Participants etc. 
  2. After you add pricing categories, you can add Prices to your product. 
  3. Then you need to add departure times, if applicable to your product. 

When you have added these information you can publish the product up in the left hand corner. 

What we covered here are just the basics to publish the product. It is also recommended to add images, text description and location to your products to make them complete for other resellers on the Bókun Marketplace. 

Step 3: How to link the product in Bókun to the suppliers inventory 

Now you need to map the product from Bókun and the corresponding product in the external system. Earlier a new window opened to create the platform product in Bókun. 

Now it is time to go back to the other window, that you kept open. If you closed it select " "the menu icon in the top left corner" on the top bar, then select "Inventory service" from the drop down list. and "List products". 

There you can now select few settings to map the products between the systems: 

  • Select you as a supplier
  • Select the corresponding product 
  • Select the rate for the prices. In most cases there is just one rate 
  • Select the corresponding pricing categories. 

Then select "Update" to link the products. 

Now these products on the external platform and Bókun are connected. The availability and other information come from the external system and bookings are delivered back from Bókun to the external system. 

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