How to add customized text on the default ticket in Bókun. This text can be customized per Tours & Activities, Accommodation and Car-rental products.

Step 1 - Create the custom Input field

To add custom text on tickets the first step is add a "custom input field" for the text. Custom input field can be found under the "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “custom input fields” from the side bar:

You have three tabs on the custom input field page. To create a text field for your customer tickets stay on the "Products" tab and select "add" to create a new field. 

The fill in the asked for information: 

  • Title: Here you give this text box a descriptive name, just so you remember the function of the text box. E.g. Custom text on tickets
  • Field code: If you are using API to retrieve the data you add a code/word here to uniquely identify the field. If you are not using API, put the title again in this box. 
  • Data type: To be able to add images select "Structured text (HTML)".  
  • Input value required: This controls whether it is a requirement to fill in the text box or not. Note that the text box appears on every tour. Also, note that this text is per tour for tours & activities. For accommodation or car rentals, this text is per the accommodation / care rental, not per room type or car type.
  • Translate value to all languages: check if the text should be translatable.
  • Make content searchable: not applicable for tickets
  • Placeholder: not applicable for tickets
  • User selects from options: not applicable for tickets
  • Flags: add the flag "ticket" in this box. It is very important because otherwise this text wont appear on the ticket.
  • Product Category: Choose to which category this ticket is applicable. Tours & Activities, Car Rentals or Accommodation.
  • Choose save when the required information have been added.

Step 2 - Add the text to the custom input field 

The next step is to add the text to each tour, accommodation or car rental. To do that choose "Products" on the top bar and "Tours & Activities, Car Rentals, Accommodation", depending on what is applicable, from the drop-down list.

The example in this case is Tours & Activities. However, in the case of a Car Rental or Accommodation the process is exactly the same. Choose the Tour & Activity, Accommodation or Car Rental that you intend to add the text to from the list that appears.

Choose "edit" at the top of the page 

On the site you arrive to, after choosing "edit" scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom there is a section called Other fields. In other fields you should be able to see the text box you have created, in this case the box "Custom text on tickets"appears. You write in the box the custom text for this specific tour. When the text is ready choose save and publish the tour. Now the text should appear on the voucher for this specific tour, or for the accommodation / car rental ticket.

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