A booking channel tracks where your online bookings are coming from.

So when you add a booking engine to your website, you create your website as a booking channel. If you create a booking engine to send to your affiliate sellers to put on their websites, you would create their website as a booking channel.

You can add your booking widgets to other webs than your own, e.g. to a hotel that wants to allow its customer to book your products on the hotel website. To separate the bookings that arrive from your web from the bookings that come through the hotels web you use a booking channel.

In this case you would create a second booking channel, e.g. myfriendthehotel.com. Then all bookings that arrive via this widget are marked as bookings via that booking channel. To further track and maintain an overview of the Hotels commission, create the hotel as an affiliate.

How to create a booking channel

Before it is possible to embed a widget, you need to create a booking channel. 

To create a booking channel select the "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Booking channel” from the side bar:

Select “add” beside Booking Channels to create a new booking channel. 

Here you insert the name of the booking channel, e.g. yourwebsite.com, It is a good rule to use a descriptive name so you know where each booking is coming from. 

Finally select which information you want to get from the customer in the booking process. Then you press save.

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