Lets say you have set up 15 products in Bókun and you would like to create a booking engine with a drop down list, that shows 7 of those 15 products.

In that case you can create a rule to that only allows these 7 products to appear on a certain booking channel.

To create a rule you go to the product distribution section in your Bókun account. Select "Products" on the top bar and "Product distribution" from the drop down list.

Select "Add" to create a new distribution rule.

Fill in the required information

Title: the name of the distribution rule. Keep it descriptive to remember where it belongs.

Description: Optional. This field is just for you to describe where this rule is in use.

Type: In type you are selecting to which element in the system this rule will be applied to. In this case select "web sales" since we are creating a rule for your website. The other two options allow you to restrict products from Marketplace and for your booking agents.

Products: In products you have listed all the suppliers you have contracts with on marketplace. By selecting product filter you can decide how you would like to distribute their and yours products.

  • All: by selecting all you allow all availble products from this supplier to be for sale on this booking channel.
  • None: By selecting none, you do not allow any of this suppliers products to be available for sale on this booking channel.
  • Boxed: You can only have Boxed products to be available for sale on this booking channel.
  • Selected: by selecting selcted you can select the products that should be available for sale on this booking channel.

When you have selected the products that should be available remember to save before continuing.

Now that you have created the rule, you have to activate it on the right booking channel. To activate the rule you have to go to the booking channel and add the rule to it. Select the "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Booking channel” from the side bar:

Select the booking channel this rule should be added to.

Select the rule you just created from the list of available distribution rules.

Save and the rule will be activated.

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