Automated messages allows you to send customised messages for your all your bookings on: 

  • booking confirmation 
  • X days before travel
  • X days after travel 
  • booking cancellation 
  • booking change 

These messages are account specific, meaning that they are valid for all your bookings, no matter what the product is.

There are two other types of messages you can send to your customers: 

You can send out automatic messages specific to individual products. Here you can find more information on how to set up product specific messages. 

You can send out manual messages specific to a departure for Tour & Activities products: Here you can find more information on how to set up manual messages. 

How to set up Automated  messages for your account

Select the " "Cog wheel in top right corner" then you select “Automated Messages” from the side bar:

Select "Add" to create a new automated message 

To create a new message you fill in the settings requirements and the text you would like to include in your message. 

Title: Add the title of the message. This is just an internal title for you to recognise the message.
Active checkbox: Check this box to activate the message. If this is not checked the message is not being sent out.
Message Trigger: Select at what point in time the message should be sent out. You have few triggers to select from: 

  • On Confirmation: To send message at the time of booking.
  • X days before travel: to send message X days before travel, e.g. send a reminder 1 day before departure. Note: 1 day is 24 hours before departure.
  • X days after travel: to send message x days after travel, e.g. send a thank you message and please rate us on TripAdvisor, Viator, Expedia etc. Note: 1 day is 24 hours after departure. If you select this trigger you can add a Review link for your activities and send to your customers. 
  • On cancel: To send a message when a bookings is cancelled.
  • On change: To send a message when a booking is changed/edited. 

Number of sent messages: Here you have tow options, these are more valid for account specific messages, than product specific messages. 

  • Always send this message foe every matching product booking - meaning that if the customer books 3 products separately he gets this messages three times, once for each product.   
  • Never send this message to the same customer more than once - meaning the customer with the 3 products only gets this message once. 

Message subject: The subject of the message. This is the subject of the e-mail your customers see.
Message body: Here you add the main message. There are few options (place holders) you can select to be shown automatically in the message. 

  • First name
  • Last name 
  • Email
  • Conformation code 
  • travel date 
  • Review link - for you review link you need to select the trigger "X days after travel". By selecting Review link you can send a review link to your customers. 

To select these options press them and the appear blue in the message text box. Then you can write your message around the automatic options.

Set a pickup condition: Select this option if you would like to send a message depending on pickup selection. There are two options you have: 

  • Only send message if pick up was booked
  • Only send message if pick up is offered but was not booked

Link to product: If you would like to link this message to specific product or product type select the product and product type from the list. If this should be sent out for all bookings, leave this box unchecked. 

When you are satisfied with your message, save, before leaving the page. 

Here is a screenshot of the message in the example:

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