With pick up list it is possible to organise your day-to-day pick-up. Pick-up lists show all passenger who have ordered a pick-up and which hotels/locations they will be staying at.

The list allows you to filter by tours, pick-up locations, time and allows you to assign your drivers to pick-up places. Giving you the flexibility to customise with ease the pick-up lists for each of your drivers/guides or whoever it is who takes care of your pick-up.

Enter your pick up list by selecting "Reports" from the top bar and "Pick up list" from the drop down list.

By default the pick up list shows all pick up for the day organised by departure time and pickup location.

You can customise your pick up lists e.g. all pick up for some two specific hotels for you morning departures. To customise the list use the drop down lists and use the filters to select what information you need to see.

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