You can connect your Hotel Report to Hagstofan (Statistics Iceland, if you are not operating your accommodation in Iceland this is irrelevant to you).

You find the accommodation report by selecting "Reports" on the black top bar and "Hotel Report" from the drop down list.

This report shows you booking statistics per month.

To send this report automatically to Hagstofan you need to activate the connection to Hagstofan. To do that you start by choosing "The name of your company" on the black top bar and "integrated systems" from the drop down list.

Select "add" in integrated systems and

Select "Hagstofan" from the list of possible integrations that appears.

Fill in the required information and save. The username and password that is asked for in the form are information from Hagstofan.

When this form has been filed in (remember to check the "Active" box) you have to connect the form to your accommodation.

To connect the form go back to the accommodation. Select "Products -> accommodation" and select the accommodation you want to connect the gistináttaskýrsla to (in most cases there is only one accommodation).

Now there has appeared on the right hand site of the screen "Linked Products". Select "Add".

Select from the "Select system" the gistináttaskýrsla for this accommodation.

Add in Select Product, a product ID you get from Hagstofan.

Remember to save this information before continuing.

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