Availability is added to transport products in a calendar in the product. It is possible to add availability that is for extended periods as well as adding certain departure times only for the summer or only on specific weekdays.

To add availability, choose "Products" on the top bar and "Transport" from the drop down list.

Choose the transport product you are working with from the list. If you haven´t created you transport product yet, you have to start by creating the transport product.

To add availability select the "availability" tab at the top of the product page.

To add availability select "Add" by Availability and Capacity.

Date Range: The date range the availability you are adding is available for. If the route is available all year around there is no need to add a date range.

CRON expression: To restrict the product from being available every day of the week, you can add a rule that says "this departure is available on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, this rule is called CRON expression.

When you check the "CRON expression" box you get a text box below where you can add you rule.

To add a rule, e.g. only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you write " * * * ? * MON, WED, FRI "

To say only available on Mondays you would write " * * * ? * MON "

These are the abbreviations for the days:

  • Mondays: MON
  • Tuesdays: TUE
  • Wednesdays: WED
  • Thursdays: THU
  • Fridays: FRI
  • Saturdays: SAT
  • Sundays: SUN

Selected flags: To decide which departure time, on which route it is that this availability is available to you use flags. The flag can be anything e.g. "Summer" "Winter" "17:00". Then what you do is that you go back to the Route leg and add the flag you just created to the departure time, this availability is linked to. You can use the same availability "flag" for multiple departure times. So if you have many departure times that should have the same availability, you just have to create the availability rule once, and just link it to correct departure times.

Example: Lets say that this rule "only available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays" is the summer schedule for the product you are creating. Max capacity is 100 persons. This availability should be available from 15th of June until 1st of September this is how you would set up the availability:

What you do now is to add the availability to the departure time this availability should be linked to. To do that select the "Overview" tab. On the overview tab select the route leg that you intend to add the availability to.

In the Route leg, add the flag you created to the departure time the availability rule is for. Make sure that the flag is written exactly the same way, high cases, spaces, commas and all, as the flag you created.

Note that you can use the same flag for multiple departure times.

When you have added the flag, save before continuing.

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