Customized bookings allow you to override prices and departure time when you create a booking. Note, that custom bookings do not affect the availability of your regular departures.

Example of usage

You have an operation of walking tours around your city and you have departures at 12:00 each day. Availability for each departure is 8 PAX and the price per each participant is 50.

A booking agent calls you and wants to book your product for a group of 10 PAX visiting your city for a convention. The group has free time at 14:00 and since you are kind enough to consider the request the agent offers you to pay 65 for each PAX.

To keep all you data in Bókun, and get correct information from your reports you book this as a custom booking.

Enable customized Booking in few steps

To enable customized bookings, open the product settings page by navigating to PRODUCTS > TOURS & ACTIVITIES.

In the list of products, select the product you would like to activate customized bookings for.

To add the custom bookings option open the PRODUCT SETTINGS tab.

Check the Customized Bookings box to enable customized bookings.

When the Customized bookings box has been checked save the product.

Now you have enabled custom bookings for your product, the option of creating a customized booking appears when the tour has been chosen on the booking desk (Bookings -> Booking Desk).

Further information on how to create custom bookings can be found here.

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