IYou can close single days or only a specific departure for your activities. This is what we will be covering in this article. 

You can also close all departures for all your products, or selected product, with one action. Here you find information on how you can close all your tours in one go.

To close days per products, start by opening the product you need to close. To open the product start by selecting "Products" from the top bar, the select  "Tours & Activities" from the drop down list. To open the product, select the product from the list to open it.

To close dates, select the "Close out" tab on your product: 

On this page you get an overview of all departures per day, you always default on the date today when you enter this page.

To close a full day or a departure, select the day from the calendar on the right hand side of the screen. 

To close a day select the green toggle button by the booking count label. 

To close a departure select the green toggle button by the correct departure. 

When the green toggle button is selected it turns grey, which means that the date /departure is closed.

To open the departure again just select the toggle button again, then it will turn green and the date is open again. 

When you close a date, the date will appear as red an will be un-bookable in your booking engines. 

If you close a single departure, that denature will be closed for bookings, but the customer sees the day as open and can book the other available departures. 

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