Experiences have an option called Meeting type. This article explains how to set Start points for products where customers can physically join the tour without ordering pick up.

This article does not cover products which are pick up only. To set a starting point for products offering pick up, take a look at this article.

Set your product to allow Meeting on location

For each of your Experiences products, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Products > Experiences
  2. Click the Product settings tab below the heading.
  3. Find the Meeting type setting for your product and make sure this is set to either:
    - Meet on location.
    - Meet on location or Pick up.
  4. To define the start point, keep reading.

Set the start point for your product

Once your Product has been set to allow customer so meet on location, scroll further down the Product settings tab

  1. Find the Meet on location: Start points heading.
  2. Click the Add Start point.
  3. You need to provide information on:
    - Place (The name of the place as you want it to be presented)
    - City Code (This is a city code, based on the LoCode standard)
    - Address (The postal address of your location, sourced from Google Maps)

You can add more than one start point to your product if needed.

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