Booking questions are an option to add customised questions per product in your booking process. 

These are meant for you to gather information from the customer that you need to have before hand. These can be questions ranging anywhere from age, passport number and flight number, to questions related to diving experience and show size. 

The booking questions are added in your products on your "Product overview" page. To add booking questions to your products, select "Products" from the top bar, then select "Tours & activities" from the drop down list. Open the product on your list that you would like to add questions to: 

When you open your product you have the booking questions on the right hand side of your screen:

If we look better at the Booking questions, there are two options you have, that are preset options. Those are questions per booking and questions per passenger. 

Then you can also customise questions from scratch.

Preset Booking Questions

First lets look at the "Per booking" and "per person" questions. Per booking, is one question per booking. Per person, means that each person in the booking has to reply to the questions. 

Start by selecting "Main contact info at booking: None selected"  or  "Passenger info at booking: None selected". Both options take you to the same screen: 

On the screen you get to you can check boxes by the questions you would like to add to the booking. 

At the top of the page you have the "Per booking questions" When you have added an option, a second checkbox appears and you can select if the customer is required to fill in that field in the booking process: 

When you scroll a bit down the screen you can add the "Per person" questions. Select the question you would like to add per person. Then you get a second checkbox where you can decide if the customer is required to answer that question or not. 

When you have added the questions you need, scroll to the bottom of the page and save so you will not loose your work. 

Customized booking questions

To add custom booking questions select "Add" in the right hand corner of the booking questions field. 

To create a question, fill out the form that appears: 

Title: the question to the customer, e.g. Do you have driving license
This question asks for personal data: Check if you are asking the customer for personal data
Code: short code for you question, if you have any.
Help text to explain the question to the customer: if needed add explanatory text for your customer to make sure he understands the question.
Answer type: choose how the customer should reply.
Default value: the value that is automatically selected for the customer.
Flags: API related, in most cases you can leave this empty
Question should be asked for every: Choose if the question is per person, per extra or per booking.
Ask when certain pricing categories are booked: Select if the question should only be asked when certain pricing categories are booked. E.g. Driving license only for adults.
Pricing categories: Select the pricing category that is related to the question.
Ask when certain rates are booked: Select if the question should only be asked when certain rates are booked. E.g how many pax, if group rate is being booked.
Rates: select the rate that is related to the asked question.
Ask when certain extras are booked: Select if the question should only be asked when certain Extras are booked. E.g. only ask if the extra food allergy is selected.
Extras: select the extra that is related to the question.

Then remember to save so you will not loos your work. 

How does this look to the customer

Here is an example of how the questions appear in the Checkout step in the booking process: 

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