Lest say You have a product, that can be booked as o or more different options, e.g. Paris walking tour including guided visit to the Louvre - and Paris walking tour without Louvre. The walking tour and the group is the same for both options, the only difference is that those who got the entrance to Louvre, stay longer on the tour and visit the Louvre.

If you have not set up a product yet, start by creating a product, then you can come back to this article when you come to the Activity rates section. 

To set up a product that can be booked as two different options, you would use "Activity Rates". You could set up two rates, e.g. Walking tour including guided visit to the Louvre and Walking tour - not including Louvre.  Each option is prices separately. 

 in the booking engine the customer can select which option to book, the ticket with entrance to the Louvre will be shown as more expensive than the ticket not including entrance to the Louvre. 

Here we will go over how the settings are in detail to set up this type of a product. You set up two rates. It is up to you if you set them up the same way, e.g. offering both options to Adults and Children, or only offer Adults for one of the options. 

In this example both rates are set up the same way, 

Setting up the rates for the walking tour. 

To set up rates, select "Add" in the top left corner of the rates field: 

Title: the title of the rate. Note: the title is shown in the online booking engine, e.g. Walking tour including guided visit to the Louvre
Min. passengers per booking: Add what the minimum passenger capacity is
Max. passengers per booking: Add what the maximum passenger capacity is
Passenger price is per person: Check this box to price the rate, not the quantity of passengers. What this allows you to do is to have one price for the private group, unrelated to how many passengers are being booked. If this box is checked the pricing is per person. If this box is NOT checked the pricing is per booking. 

Then add the pickup and dropoff settings e.g. is pickup optional, does it cost extra, is it included. 

Pricing categories available for this rate: check the pricing categories that fit into this rate, e.g. the pricing category "Super jeep 1-6 pax." 

If you have extras to add to the rate, select the blue plus sign to add the extra. 

Save the settings and repeat the same process for the Walking tour - not including Louvre Rate settings.

What happens now

After you save both the rates you are adding, you get the option to add prices to the rates. Go to pricing to add the prices to the rates. 

Add the fitting prices for each rate in the fields and save: 

Now the booking engine should offer both rates for the customer to book. 

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