Route stations are the stops on your Transport product's route. It might be a train station, bus stop or an airport.

To create route stations for your transport product, select "Products" on the top bar, and "Route Stations" from the drop down list.

To create a new route stations select "Add"

Fill in the required information for your route station.

Title: the name of the route station e.g. main bus terminal
Short title: Short version of the title MBT (Main Bus Terminal)
Regions: If you are using regions, you can add them here. Regions are optional.
Airport station: if chosen the customer is asked for a flight number in the booking process.
Pick up station: if there is a pick up to a hotel you can connect your pickup list to this station.
Flags: flags are connected to your API service and can be used to manage where on your web products are suppose to appear. If you are using booking engine widgets flags are irrelevant. This is an optional field.
Fill in address and location
Save: Remember to save at the bottom of the page, before continuing.

Repeat this step for every Route station you need to add.

When you have added the Route Stations they need to be added to the transport product they belong to. To add route stations to a transport product enter your transport product (Products -> Transport).

When you create Route Legs in your transport products, you use the route stations as the stops at the beginning and the end of each route leg available.

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