Recurring availability allows you to set availability once, for the unforeseeable future. 

If you have a product that runs everyday at 09.00, everyday of the week and will do so for the unforeseeable future you can add availability that is valid until you stop it.

If you have not created your product yet, you can follow these instructions here on how to create products.

To add recurring availability on existing products start by selecting “products” on the top bar and from the drop down list select “experiences."

Select the name of the experience you intend to add an availability to. 

To add availability select the “Product Settings” tab at the top of the product page.

And locate the availability section in the left hand side panel.

Next, you click the calendar option to add availability. You add availability by clicking the blue button that says "add rule." You can view your availability calendar either a week or a month in advance. You can choose the view in the drop-down list on the left hand side. If your experience is a "just date, no time" experience you can view availability per day, if your experience is a "date and time" experience you can view availability per departure time, per day. To view and edit rules click "view and edit rules." 

Select the type of rule
For recurring availability you choose the Repeat weekly on selected days. You can put an end date for the availability if you'd like, otherwise the availability will be recurring indefinitely.
Affected days
You choose which weekdays this rule applies to, e.g. Mondays and Wednesdays
Participants (PAX)You add the minimum and maximum numbers of passengers for the experience, e.g. minimum 1 and maximum 10 passengers.Affected start timesIf your products has start times you can choose which start times the rule applies to, e.g. just the 12:00 AM one or both.
Choose a rule colorYou add a specific color for the rule, whichever one you like.
Preview of ruleYou can see a week preview of the rule on the right hand side.
Click "Save" to save your rule.

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