Bókun allows you to upload pictures to each product type in Bókun.

Displaying pictures with Widgets

Product images are accessible to your resellers on the marketplace as well as being displayed in your booking widgets:

  • For Tours & Activities products, images are displayed in the Activity Product Page Widgets.
  • For Car-Rental products, images of each car type are displayed in the Car Selector Widget.
  • For Accommodation products, images of each room type are displayed in the Accommodation room selector Widget.
  • For Transport products, images are not displayed in any Widgets.

Pulling images through Bókun's API

You can also display images by using Bókun's extensive API features.
Click here to read the API documentation.

Adding images to products

Each product has a product gallery. To add images to the product's gallery, open the product's overview pages in Bókun. Find the Image Gallery section on the product's overview page and click EDIT (see screenshot below).

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