Pickup allotment is a feature that allows suppliers to restrict how many passengers can be picked up for a certain activity, e.g. you can only pick up 10 pax but you are able to accommodate 25 pax for the activity, if they arrive at your starting point on their own.

This feature also allows you to offer pick up for your morning departure, but not for your afternoon departure. 

1. To set the parameters for pickup select “Products” on the top bar and “Experiences” from the drop down list.

2. Select the product you intend to edit the pickup allotment for, from the list of products.

3. By selecting the product in the last step, you have been taken to the product page. Select the "Product settings" tab at the top of the page.

4. Find the "Meeting points" section on the left of the product setting page and then "Pick-up config". 

5. Under "Available seats" select the option "This pick-up service has a limited amount of available seats" from the drop down menu. 

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save & continue". Return to "Overview" by clicking "Go to overview" in the top left corner. 

7. The next thing to do is to select the "Availability" tab and add the availability for the pickup allotment.

8. Select "Actions" and "set availability for a date range" from the drop down list.

9. Select the relevant departure times, and add in the "How many participants can be picked up?" box the number of pax you can pick up. Add 0 if you are not offering pick up for selected departure. Then save and add the same allotment as the availability is, for the departure times that should offer pickup. 

Remember to check the "Override pick up availability" at the bottom of the page, before saving.

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