What is a meeting point?

A meeting point is a location where a customer can join your tour. This gives the person the option to join without having to be picked up by you.

Why is it important to add meeting points?

Resellers on the marketplace will use GEO information to let travelers know where they can join your tour.

How to add meeting points:

  1. Select an experience from Products> expereinces
  2. Naviage to Product settings and select Meeting & Pick-up
  3. Select the how to get there settings and select either: Meet on location or meet on location or pick-up. Then, click save and continue.

4. In meeting points click on add a start point.

5. A window will open where you will be able to add a start point. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Place (The name of the place)
  • City Code (This is a city code, based on the LoCode standard)
  • Address (The postal address of your location, sourced from Google Maps)

You can add as many start points as needed to your experience.

To learn how to add pick up places for pick up service, take a look at this article.

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