You can create a list of products, e.g. a list of day tours, horse riding tours etc. These lists can be used with other services in Bókun to manage which products should be available where.

You can use product lists with:

To create a product list start by selecting "Products" on the top bar and "Product List" from the drop down list.

Select "Add" to create a new list.

Give your product list a name and check the published box.

  • Title: Name of the list, e.g. web shop, glacier tours.
  • Published: check to activate the list.
  • Description: internal description for you
  • Flags: API related
  • Save

When you have saved you product list an option to select products to it appears below. You can add your own products as well as products from your suppliers to your product lists.

  • Supplier: select the supplier who owns the product
  • Product Category: Select the types of products. Note that for store front and Activity product list widgets you can only select activities.
  • Product: Select the product.
  • Include boxes in results: if you are boxing you suppliers products to override their text description and images for you website. Check this box. Your boxed products will appear when you select yourself as the supplier.

Select add to add the product to the list. Repeat this step for every product that belongs to this list.

In almost every case you can ignore child list. Child lists are related to how to link lists together if you are using API to pull data from Bókun to publish on your website.

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