In pricing you can create multiple price catalogs. The cases where you would need to create a new price catalog would be e.g. if you have a seller, who is buying your products/services for a fixed net price, rather than getting a discount or commission from your regular price catalog. E.g. an agent who is selling your products as a part of a package.

Select "products" on the top bar and "Pricing" from the drop down list.

Select "actions" and "Add Catalog" from the drop down list.

Fill in the form to create a new price catalog.

Title: add the title of the new price catalogue. E.g. "Agents".

Use travel date to look up conversion settings: this is an option if you are converting between currencies e.g. EUR to USD and you have created a rule that dictates the exchange rate to update e.g. on 1st of May. By checking this box you are activating the currency conversion rule according to travel date, rather than book date. E.g. the customer books in December for 10th of May. Then the customer pays according to the conversion rate valid for 10th of may, on the travel date.

Supplier price catalog version: Here you have two options. First, "Latest prices from supplier" . Second, "Snapshot price from contract (if applicable).

At the top of the screen, you can flip between your price cataloges.

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