Updating prices in Bokun will be directly reflected on your booking engine widgets on your website.
The price catalog is also used for your contract terms with partners in the marketplace and agents.

If you have seasonal prices depeding on different seasons, you can add date ranges to your catalog to add different prices for those date ranges.

How to add Date Ranges to your Pricing Catalog:

1. To add date ranges to your price catalog, select “Products” from the top bar and “Price catalog” from the drop down list.

2. Navigate to the top right area of your catalog. To add a date range, select “Add date range”.

3. After selecting “Add date range” a calendar appears. Select the start date of the
of the season prices season you want to create.

For example: if you select 1st of January, the first date the new prices are available on is 1st of January. 

Important: You never have to add the end date of any date range, the end date is added automatically when the start date is created. The date range will end with a "?"

You can crate multiple date ranges. The last date rnage will end in the "?," which means the catalog will continue until a new date range in the future is added.

These prices are valid until the next date is added.

When you save the new date range, the new date range will  appear automatically in the date field. 

4. Now you simply have to add the prices, save and publish your price catalogue.

Overlapping date ranges for different products

If there are different products with overlapping date ranges, it is possible to add a new sheet and create overlapping date ranges. For example, all of your tours should get a new price on the 1st. of June, except for one.
You can move this one tour to a different sheet and change the prices on that product for example the 15th. of May.

How to Create a New Sheet in a Pricing Catalog

1. To create a new sheet select the plus sign that appears by the tabs above the pricing catalogue

 2. Then a new sheet called “Sheet X” appears.

To change the name of the sheet, select the sheet, and on the right side of the screen an option to change the name appears.

3. Move the products to the new sheet.
To move the products go back to the default list, by choosing “default”. In the default list choose the arrow by the product that is supposed to be moved. When the arrow is selected the new “Sheet” appears in the dropdown list. Click on the sheet and the product will automatically move to that sheet.

When you have created the new sheet you can crate new date ranges on it, just as you did on the default sheet.

Important Information about Making Changes: 

  • Any time a price is changed, a new date ranges is added, or any other change is made to the price catalog, the catalog must be saved and published. Changes to that sheet affects ALL products. Please make sure all prices are filled in.
  • The catalog can be saved by choosing “Save prices” at the top and the bottom of the page. 
  • The catalog is published by choosing “Publish catalog” in the top right corner. 
  • The prices will not update on the distribution channels until the catalog is published.
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