You Bókun account has one default currency and then you can add multiple other currencies to your account.

The default currency is the one that you selected when you signed up and is the one that will appear in your price catalogue when you enter it. The default currency is by default selected everywhere where you have currencies, e.g. embedding booking engines and setting up contracts on Marketplace. note, that you can always override the default currency and use another currency where needed. E.g. on a marketplace contract where your seller only works withe Euros not your default Swedish krona. To do that you first have to activate those currencies you would like to have available.

To add new currencies. Select "products" on the top bar and "Pricing" from the drop down list.

You have a drop down list of currencies which shows at the top your default currency which is in this case "SEK" / Swedish krona".

Below are "Recorded" these are currencies you have selected to manually add prices to them.

There below you have got "Converted" which are the currencies available to you and are converted from your default price with Borgun life exchange rate or your own fixed exchange rate. Here you can find information on how to add your own fixed exchange rate.

To add a new currency select it from the drop down list.

When you have selected it you select "add" to add the currency as a recorded currency.

You have two options, make it your default currency and to delete the currency if you added it as a test or by accident.

When you have added the currency your price catalogue changed to allow you to add your prices in the new currency. There appear empty fields where you can manually add your prices on the right hand side of the screen. Note that you have to add prices in every field to be able to save your catalogue.

To save your new currency Publish your Price catalog by selecting the blue "Publish catalog" button up in the right hand corner.

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