The default currency is the one you selected when you signed up, and it is the currency that you enter your prices in for your products. 

The default currency is selected everywhere you have currencies such as,  embedding booking engines on your websire and setting up contracts in the Marketplace. 

If you wish to work with resellers in the marketplace that use another currency, you can add another currency to set fixed prices for your products in that currency.
 For example, your reseller only works with Euros not your default currency, Swedish krona. 

  1. To add new currencies. Select "products" on the top bar and then select "Pricing" from the drop down list.

You have a drop down list of currencies which shows at the top your default currency which is in this case "SEK" / Swedish krona".

Below are the"Recorded" currencies, the currencies you have selected and  have already added to your catalog by manually fixed prices to your prodcuts.

The "Converted"  currencies are the currencies available to you and are converted from your default price with Borgun life exchange rate or your own fixed exchange rate. Here you can find information on how to add your own fixed exchange rate.

2. To add a new currency to your catalog, select a currency from the "converted list" from the drop down list.

3. Once selected,  you click "add" to add the currency as a recorded currency.

You are given two options after adding a currency: 1) make it the new currency your default currency or 2) delete the currency if you added it as a test or by accident.

4. Once you have added the currency to your price catalogue , Bokun will prompt you to add your fixed prices for that new currency. Empty fields will appear in red.
Note that you have to add prices in every field to be able to save your catalogue.

5. Save your new currency and then Publish your Price catalog by selecting the blue "Publish catalog" button up in the right hand corner.

You will now be able to use this currecny in your marketplace contracts. Remember that prices will remain fixed based on what you entered into your pricing catalog. 

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