Pricing categories are what control the prices you give to your customers. E.g. you create the categories Adults 16+, Teenagers 10-15 years old, etc. 

When these categories are booked, they do take 1 space out of your available seats. E.g. you have 10 spaces available, 2 adults book and you have 8 spaces left. 

In this case one seat is booked for each booked pricing category. 1 pricing category (adult) = 1 seat. 

Then for some products this is not the case, the pricing categories can be something else. E.g. One person on snowmobile, private jeep 1-6, group of 5 people, infant. In these cases, the occupancy might not be one seat booked per one pricing category booked.

One person on a snowmobile or ATV might take two spaces, given that 2 spaces per snowmobile is your resource. 1 pricing category (One person on a snowmobile) = 2 seats. 

An infant might not occupy any seat and should be 0 in occupancy.  1 pricing category (infant) = 0 seats.

These are settings you can set in your pricing categories, you can either create a new one or you can add this to the pricing categories you already have. 

To go to your pricing categories select "Products" on the top bar and "Pricing Categories" from the drop down list. 

To create a new pricing category select add at the top of the page. On this link you find more detailed information on creating a new pricing category

In this case, we will edit a category that is already in place. To edit a pricing category already in place, you select the name from the list to enter the settings.

In the pricing category, you have a field named "Occupancy". In this field, you add how many spaces is this particular pricing category supposed to occupy/book. 

In this case, for the pricing category "One person on snowmobile" we are going to set the occupancy to 2 spaces.

This means when this pricing category is booked, the availability will be reduced by 2 seats.

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