Booking notice discount or price increase allows you to e.g add a 15% discount to the price for all your kayaking products that are booked more than 30 days before the departure date.

This is a useful tool to give e.g. an early bird discount.

To add booking notice discount or price increase, select "products" on the top bar and the select "Price modulators" from the drop down list.

Select "add" to create a new price modulator rule.

Select "Booking notice price modulator" from the list of available price modulators.

There are two options of price modulators, one is to add discount as a fixed amount, the second is to add the discount as percentage. The procedure is the same in both instances and will be described together.

Title: add the title for this particular modulator, e.g. high season.

Price change: select whether the discount is a fixed amount or a percentage.

Notice ranges: add the notice ranges, e.g. 30-60 days in advance, 15-29 days in advance.

Promote as applied discount: If checked the booking engine and the ticket the customer receives will say there is a discount or there is a higher price. If not checked no one knows about the discount or the price increase.

Next you add the time interval this discount/price increase is valid for. By default always is selected, but you can select the date range, month and weekdays this rule should be valid for.

Next you can select for which products or pricing category this rule is valid for. You can also select which price catalogue the rule is valid for. E.g. you can add it to all your kayak products.

Check the boxes by the products/price categories the discount or the price increase is valid for.

Please note: After configuring the pricing modulation you need to re-publish your pricing catalogue. Select "products -> Pricing" and publish your catalogue by selecting the blue "Publish catalogue" button up in the right hand corner.

Save and remember to publish you price catalogue in Pricing "Products -> Pricing"

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