The Discount price modulator allows you to add e.g. 15% discount on all your Horse Riding products on Fridays in June, or to increase the price 25% on holidays.

The discount price modulator is available for all your product types, tours & activities, accommodation, car rentals and transport.

To add a discount or price increase, select "products" on the top bar and the select "Price modulators" from the drop down list.

Select "add" to create a new price modulator rule.

Select "Discount price modulator" from the list of available price modulators.

Define the modulator's settings.

Title the name of the price modulator

Price Change should it be fixed amount or percentage.

Discount Add the percentage / fixed amount increase or decrease.
Note that discount is added with a minus (-) prefix.
If you intend to increase the amount add positive number.

Promote as applied discount If checked the booking engine and the voucher will say there is a discount or there is a higher price. If not checked no one knows about the discount.

Time interval Choose the time period the discount is active. You can add a time period, choose certain days with in this time frame or specific months.

Choose the products this price modulator applies to.

First you choose the price catalog and save. When you have saved you get a list of your products and bookable extras you can apply the price change to.

PLEASE NOTE. After configuring the pricing modulation you need to re-publish your pricing catalogue via PRODUCTS > PRICING

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