In Bókun bookings are usually confirmed at the time of booking. You add your availability e.g. 10 seats available every day of the week, and these 10 seats are automatically confirmed at the time of booking. 

However, in some cases this model doesn´t fit. E.g. if you have customised activities, tours that need at minimum 6 pax for you to run the tour.

In those cases where you can´t guarantee availability right at the time of booking you can select the option on On Request Bookings. 

On Request Bookings allow you to have the activity bookable on line, with the terms that it will be confirmed within X time. When you manually confirm the booking your customer gets a notification that his booking has been confirmed. 

Note: either a product is on request product or it has availability. It is not possible to have one departure time or a certain date range as on request and other departure times or date ranges with availability.

At the time of booking the customer see this is a request he is sending to you and within which time frame you as a supplier is going to confirm the booking. 

How to set up On request products 

To allow for on request bookings select you go to either a current product "Products -> Tours & Activities -> select the name of the product from the list". If you need to create a new product then you have here instructions on how to set up a new product.

In this article we are going to focus on how to add the on request booking to a product that has already been created, the process is the same when you are setting up a new product. 

When you get into your product, select the "Product settings" tab.

On the right hand of the screen, almost at the top, there is a field where you select the "Capacity Type" for your product. One of the options is "On request" select on request. 

Just below the capacity type field, a new field has appeared "Default request period". in this field you set the time frame you have to get back to your customer and confirm or not confirm his booking. 

Now you can scroll down to the bottom and save. 

Now your product is an on request product and will be booked as such. 

The availability becomes by default unlimited for the product. You can set the min passenger requirement, but you cannot change the availability from being unlimited. 

How to confirm on request bookings 

After you receive a On request booking you will have to enter the booking and confirm it. You can find all your on request bookings on your sales feed. Their status is "unconfirmed". 

You can search for it by filtering by "Requested" on sales feed: 

To confirm the booking you have to open it by selecting the booking number on the sales feed. 

In the booking is a button "Respond to request" that you select to confirm the booking. 

After you select the button you can either Confirm the request or Reject it. You have an option to write a message to your customer along with the confirmation/rejection. 

After you confirm the booking it becomes confirmed just like a regular booking: 

If you reject the booking it will automatically get cancelled. In the case the customer paid online either full price or deposit, you will have to refund the customer the amount. Here are more information how to refund the customer.

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