After setting up a combination product, it is important to map the start times / departures of your new combo product to the start times of your child products.

Let's map start times

1. Open your combo product by navigating to PRODUCTS > TOURS & ACTIVITIES and click on the name of your product. Make sure the product has the COMBO label.

2.  Click on the start time you are going to map.

3. You can now choose which products and which start time you will be mapping to the combination start time you opened in step 2. 

You can map as many start times to the combination start time within any given day as you like. 

4. Combo products have an independent pricing structure from its child-products. This allows you to charge your customers a price independent from the combined price of the child-products. 

This means that Bokun will ask you to specify which pricing category on the combo product correlates with the pricing categories of the child-products. See the GIF movie above.

Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Repeat this process for every start time you have available on your combo product.


Each start time can have a unique agenda

It's important to notice that each of your combination start times can have its own agenda. This means that your morning departure could have an order of child-services A, followed by B. Your afternoon departure could then have an order of service B followed by A. Example below:

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