To remove availability from activities product you have three options: 

  1. Delete all availability from a product. This includes all departures
  2. Delete availability from single departures times, e.g. delete availability at 10.00 but leave 13.00 unchanged. 
  3. Delete availability day-by-day. e.g. when you just need to remove few days from your availability. 

Note, that removing availability will NOT affect already created bookings. They will remain unchanged. 

In all three cases you start by opening the product by selecting "Products" on the top bar and "Tours & Activities" from the drop down list. 

Open the product you need to delete availability from by selecting it from the list of available products. 

The first option: to delete all availability from a product

Select the "Availability" tab in the product. 

Select "Action" and then select "Remove all availability. 

When you select remove all availability, you remove all availability from all departures.

The second options: to delete availability from single departure time

Select the red delete drop down list by the departure time, and select "Availability" from the drop down list: 

The third option: Delete availability day-by-day
Select the "Availability" tab in the product. 

Select the "red X" on the day you need to delete the availability from. 

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