You can close dates or specific start time for all of your experiences in one place. 

How to Close Dates:

 1. Select "Products" in the top menu, and select "Close outs" from the drop down list.

2. At the top of the close out page you have a filter where you can choose the experiences that want  close. Note: if you do not apply a filter, all of your experiences will appear at the same time

3. Select the specifc tour you want to manage
On the right side of the page, you have a calendar showing a month's overview that product's availability. 

  • Green dates have all available start times available 
  • Yellow dates are dates where some but not all start times are closed
  • Red dates have all start times closed 
  • Blue is the selected date
  • Booking count tells you how many seats have been booked for each departure.

4. To close a date, click the date on the calendar.
5. Toggle the button next to booking count. The top toggle button closes ALL start times.

How to Close Specific Start Times:

  1. To close start times, toggle the green button next to that specific start time. When it's grey the start time is closed.

How to Open Up a Date or Start Time:

  1. To open a departure again, select the date from the calendar, and then toggle the switch for the experiences or start time that you want to open and make it green. 

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