Flexible start times / departures provide the possibility to set availability per day, rather than per start time within a day. With this option it is possible to create tickets that are valid for the day (or some other condition as part of day), rather than a fixed departure at 09:00.

This option is good for those who have tours that are e.g. dependent on weather conditions or dependent on flight arrivals, and thus, cannot set fixed start times. Or for products where the departure time is irrelevant, e.g. open tickets for museums or some not time dependent activity.

To add or remove flexible departure times yo start by selecting “products” on the top bar and from the drop down list select “tours & activities”.

Select the name of the activity you intend to edit.

You have two options for departure times “Fixed” and “Flexible”

  • Fixed - means that you have fixed departure times e.g. 09.00 and 14.00. To add fixed departure times select fixed and then “Add”.
  • Flexible - means that you do not have fixed departure times, instead you have the day bookable. To add flexible departure times select “flexible”.

Flexible departures is something you would do in the case you have an activity that is not time sensitive and enough to know what day the customer is arriving, e.g. museum, swimming pool etc. Or in the case you would like to customize your departure times, e.g. allow the customer to select “morning” or “afternoon” in the booking process. To add the options of r.g. Morning and Afternoon, select the “Product settings “ tab. There you have an option “Define flexible departure times and a text box to add your preferred options.

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