Promo codes allow you to add a temporary discount to your products. E.g. you can give a 10% discount to your Sea Kayak Adventure tour that is booked in December additionally you can add that the travel date has to be between 01.01.2017 - 01.06.2017.

What you will do is to create a word or a number, that can be added in the second step of the booking process to give a discount. E.g. the customer writes "DEC2016" in a promo codes field in the booking process and will receive a 10% discount on his purchase.

In your Bókun system you will have a report overview showing you how many have used the promo code and the worth of the discount.

Create promo codes

To add promo codes to your products, start by selecting "Products" from the top bar and then select "Promo Codes" from the drop down list.

Select "add" to create a new promo code.

Fill in the form to create a new promo code.

Code: this is the code the customer receives and will add to the field in the booking process e.g. "DEC2016"

Internal description: short description of the code, e.g. created for a in flight magazine campaign 2016

Discount: Add the discount this promo code should give, e.g. 10%

Booking Validity period: Add the booking date range the promo code is valid for. The date range is the date range when the product can be booked with the discount. E.g. the book date is December 2016, the travel date is whenever.

Travel Validity period: Add the travel dates the code is valid for. E.g. Booking period is December 2016, but the travel period is January - June 2017.

Valid for:

All products: select to add the discount to all of your products.

Selected products: Select to be able to select particular products for this promo code.

After you save at the bottom of the page an have selected the "Selected Products" you will get a drop down list where you can select the products this promo code is applicable for.

Apply discount to extras: select to apply this discount also to any bookable extra the customer might add to their product.

Apply discount to pick up and drop off: select to apply the discount also to pick up and drop off. This is only applicable if you charge separately for pick up or drop off.

Save the rule you just created.

Add promo codes to the booking process

Now that you have created the rule for the promo code, you need to add an option for it in your booking process. To add an option for the promo codes in your booking process, you go to your check out widget and activate promo codes and shopping cart (note, you are not required to add a shopping cart to your website, unless you want to).

To add the promo codes to the booking process select "The name of your company" on the top bar and select "Widgets" from the drop down list.

Select the Checkout widget that should offer the option of promo codes.

Scroll almost to the bottom of the widget setting page. There are two check boxes you need to select

  • "Show shopping cart"
  • "Allow the customer to enter promo code"

Save before continuing.

When you have saved you have activated your promo codes. Your checkout step (the second step in the booking process) will now show a field where the customer can add their promo code to get a discount.

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