Gift cards allow you to set up gift cards your customers can claim via your online booking engine. 

The gift cards are set to a certain value, e.g. $50, that will give a $50 of the total price. The cards produce a number the customers use to claim their gift card, you can either add your own or make Bókun produce the numbers for you. 

How to create gift cards

To set up gift cards select "Products" from the top bar-> "Gift Cards" from the drop down list.

To create a new gift card select "add" at the top of the page.

To create a new gift card fill in the form and remember to save when you are done. 

Code generation: These are the numbers you give to your customers and  they use to redeem their gift card on your booking engines.
If the box is checked Bókun produces numerical codes for you.

If the box is not checked, you get a field where you can write in your own numbers in the text box that appears. 

Quantity: Add how many gift card code you need to generate.
Code prefix: Add your own unique code. E:g. if you add "BOK" your gift card codes will be e.g. BOK-456sdf7
Code Length: Select how many letter your codes should have. E.g. 8 will give you a code of 8 letters.
Value: Specify the value of your gift card. E.g. $50 gives 50 in discount.
Currency: Select the currency your gift card is in.
Labels: You can create labels and track your gift card bookings in reports. Here are information on how to create labels.
Expiration Date: Add the expiration date of your gift card. If this is left empty the gift card doesn't have an expiration date.
Valid for: Select whether the Gift Card is applicable for all products, or just for selected products. 

Remember to save before continuing 

Then the next step is to activate gift cards in your online booking engines so your customers can claim their gift card. 

How to activate Gift cards in booking engines

To activate an option for the customer to claim his gift card in the booking engine you have to go to your checkout widget and allow gift cards there. 

Start by selecting the "menu icon in the top left corner" then select "Widgets" from the drop down list.

Open your checkout widget. You open it by selecting the name of the widget. 

Scroll almost to the bottom of the checkout widgets settings and check "Allow customer to enter a gift card code". Then scroll to the bottom and save. 

What happens now is that all of your checkout widgets will show a field where a customer can add their Gift Card Code and claim their gift card. 

When the customer books he adds his gift card code in the field and the discount will be calculated into the total price: 

How does your customer buy gift cards from you?
The customer will have to be in contact with you. You can create the gift card and send it back to him with the code. 

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