The images you add to the Image Gallery can be added to specific car types. When the images are added to specific car types and key photo selected it will be visible in the online booking engine.

To add images to the gallery go to the "overview" tab select “Edit” by image gallery.

In the gallery you upload the images you would like to add to your car rental.

To add the images to specific car types, go back to the car rental after you have uploaded your pictures. Either select the name of the Car Rental or go back on your browser.

When you have added your images to the gallery you save the gallery and go back to your product page.

To add images to your car types select the name of the car type you would like to add an image to.

To select a key photo for the car type scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you have a blurry image.

To select a key photo, a photo that will appear in your online booking engine, start by clicking the photo:

Select the “Select key photo” button:

Click the photo again so it will get a green banner on it, the green banner indicates that this is the key photo.

After adding the key photo and before continuing, remember to save so you won't loose all your work. (If you happen to leave the page accidentally before saving, you can go back on your browser and your data should be there).

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