Price modulator allows you to configure discount depending on the rental length.

To add price modulators for car rentals choose "products" on the top bar and "Price modulators" from the drop down list. 

Choose "add" to create a price modulator. 

Select  "Duration price modulator" of the list of price modulators.

There are two options of price modulators, one is to add discount as a fixed amount, the second is to add the discount as percentage. The procedure is the same in both instances and will be described together. 

Note: the discount is subtracted for the price per day, for the rental. 

  1. First you add the title for this particular modulator, e.g. high season. 
  2. Second you choose whether the discount is a fixed amount or a percentage.
  3. Third you add the time durations for the modulator. There can be many durations for each modulator. They are added by choosing the + sign. 

After the plus has been chosen in the last step you enter the duration modulator configurations. In the boxes that appear add the days this discount is applicable to, e.g. days 3 - 5. (There is an example below). When the days have been added select the blue sign to save. You can add another day range by choosing the + sign again.

In this example a percentage discount was chosen (fixed amount below). The rule is on days 3-6 the discount is 10% and on days 4-10, 15%. Note, the discount has to be added as a negative number e.g. -10.

Here a fixed amount was chosen. The rule is to give 1000kr in discount on days 3-6 and 2000kr. on days 4-10. Note, the discount has to be added as a negative number e.g. -1000.

After the durations for the modulator have been configured, date ranges to determine when they are activated should be applied. The modulators can applied to certain periods e.g. summer or winter, by choosing specific months or days.

Now you scroll down to the "APPLY TO PRODUCTS" section, and select the price catalog you want the modulator to apply to, and then you select the Car Types you want to modulate.

Click Save and remember to publish your price catalog again.

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