A cancellation policy is applied to products by suppliers to set rules on how much to refund the customer, according to the time of the cancellation. E.g. 25% will be refunded to the customer if he cancels less than 24 hours before departure.

How to create a cancellation policy

The supplier can create one or more rules and apply them to the products they should be applied to. Each rule can contain more than one step e.g. customer gets 50% refunded if he cancels 48 hours prior to departure and customer gets 25% refunded if he cancels less than 24 hours prior to departure.

To create cancellation policy select “Products" from the top bar and "Cancellation Policies” from the drop-down menu.


Click on the blue “Add” button to create a new cancellation policy.


Title: Choose a title for the policy, e.g. Day tours, Multi-day tours, Accommodation etc.

Tax: If there is a different tax on refunds than on your products, you can set up a new tax rule. Here are instructions on how to create new tax rules.

Cancellation fee: The percentage of the full amount that the customer does not get refunded if they cancel their booking within the timeframe you set.

Add Penalty rule: Select to add more than one steps to your refund policy e.g. if cancelled with 10 days notice - customer pays 25%, if cancelled with 5 days notice - customer pays 50% etc.

Remember to save before continuing


How does the cancellation policy work

When a booking is cancelled, a new invoice will be created for the booking. The new invoice will show how much the customer should get refunded. E.g. if the total price of the product is $100, and the cancellation policy states that the customer should get 75% refunded, the new invoice will show $-75, since that is the amount the customer should get refunded.

Go to your payment provider to refund the amount to the customer.

Who can cancel bookings

The supplier applies the cancellation policies to their products. Resellers can't override the cancellation policies the suppliers have applied to their individual products.

When a reseller cancels a booking from another supplier, the cancellation policy is always enforced.

When the supplier cancels their own bookings, they are able to deselect the cancellation rules.

Where does the cancellation policy appear

The cancellation policies are going to be visible to those who are booking your products, so they will always know what your cancellation policy is at the time of booking.

Your cancellation policies will appear in the checkout step of your booking engine. Your customers will need to agree to them along with your terms & conditions. Please note that if you haven't added a cancellation policy, this field will not appear.

How to add cancellation policies to Experiences

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