Boxed Products, allows you to box tours & activities products from other suppliers as well as your own products.

Boxing products means that you create your own text description and even your own title for the other suppliers tour. However, the tour price, settings, and availability is always derived from the supplier. All bookings are also delivered directly to the supplier, as it is their product that will be booked. You are only changing the content related to the product.

Boxing products gives you the opportunity to customize the tour description and make it compatible with your brand and brand message. Also, it gives you the option of optimizing the tour description for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Note that boxes are only meant to allow you to change the text description of tours, before you add them to your website. You can box both your own products (winter & summer version) and your suppliers products.

To create boxed products you create a "box" which is just like creating an new product from scratch. Then you link a product from either you or your suppliers to the box, to get access to availability, prices and the content the supplier has created.

To create a box start by selecting "Products" from the top bar and "Tours & Activities" from the drop downlist.

Select “Boxes" on the right hand side of the screen. To create a boxed product, select "Add"

Title: the name of the boxed product. You can either make up your own name, or use the one from the supplier. Just note that the ticket the customer will receive will always show the name of the original product and be from the supplier, as always. Just so that the supplier will recognise the product and ticket as theirs.

Select product to box:

  • Supplier: select the supplier who owns the product you intend to box
  • Product: select the product you would like to box from this supplier

What would you like to override?

  • Photos & videos: select to override photos & videos
  • Custom fields: select to override any custom fields the supplier might have added
  • Agenda / itinerary: select to override agenda / itinerary
  • Route map: select to override route map

Save when you have added your parameters.

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