When you have added all your room types, you add the room numbers to each room type.

If you haven´t created your room types yet, start by selecting this link and set up your room types. 

When you add rooms, you are adding the number / names of your rooms, e.g. rooms 101-112. The rooms you add are your availability, and are available unless booked or closed. When a guest books online, he is automatically assigned to a specific room e.g. room 101, that will then be taken out of your availability.

To add you room numbers (availability) select “Click here to manage the rooms” or you can select the “Room list” tab at the top of the product page.

The first thing to do is to add a building. If you only have one building you can just add “Main building”. In the case you have a camping, cabins, cottages, then it is enough to create just one building that could be e.g. “Cabins”. In that case it best to add each specific cabin as a room number/name.

When you have added your building/buildings you can add your room numbers/names.

To add room numbers select “add” by “beds (total: =0)”, or “rooms (total: =0)”.

Title: the numbers or title of the rooms. E.g. 1-10 (to create 10 rooms together) or the name of the room “The violet room”.

Building: select the building this/these room(s) belongs to.

Floor: select the floor this room(s) belong to, if applicable.

Room types: Select the type of room that fit the room number(s) you added.

Save and repeat for every room number or set of room numbers.

You can always get back to this page by selecting “Room list” tab at the top of the product page. 

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