There are few steps involved in creating accommodation in Bókun. The steps this article will lead you through are:

  • Adding the basic information fot the accommodation, e.g. the name of your accommodation, check in times, location etc.
  • Add room types, e.g. Double room, Single room, dormitory
  • Add room rates, e.g. if you have standard rate, non-refundable rate etc.
  • Add rooms, add the room number/names of your rooms to be able to assign guests to correct room.
  • Add prices to your accommodation.

To create accommodation start by selecting “Products” from the top bar and “Accommodation” from the drop down list.

Select “add to create a new accommodation”

After you select, add, you arrive to a “Product settings” page where you define the basic parameters for your accommodation, e.g. the title of the accommodation, address, check in and out times, etc.

When you save the product settings, you go to the an overview page for the accommodation. You can always go back to the product setting page and update the basic information by selecting the “Product settings” tab.

At the top of the page on the right hand side you have a task list, that tells you what tasks you have to accomplish to have a fully bookable product.

The first step is to add “room types”

Room types are the types of rooms you have available at your accommodation, e.g. Double Room, Single Room, Cabin. To add a room type choose "Add" by room types.

On the add room type page you insert all the information about the room on offer. Keep in mind you can always go back to the room type to add and edit this information.

Title: is the name of the room type, Double Room

Short code: is a short version of the name, e.g. DBL. This is used to show the room type on the accommodation front desk.

Excerpt: A short description of the accommodation. This is an optional field.

Description: Short description of the room type that will be visible in your online booking engine.

Flags: flags are connected to your API service and can be used to manage where on your web products are suppose to appear. If you are using booking engine widgets flags are irrelevant. This is an optional field.

Reference: ID number from an external system. E.g. the ID from your accounting system.

For internal use only: Check this box if you are creating a room type only you can book. This is hidden from your end customer.

Room Rates

Room rates are the different rates you might want to have available for your customers, e.g. Non-refundable rate and standard rate.

If this is the first room type you are creating there is not going to be anything for you to select in the “Available rates” or the “Default rate” drop down lists.

You can leave these fields empty for now and when you save the room type, the room rate “Standard” will be automatically added. Later you can create more room rates and apply to the room type.

Capacity & Restrictions

Sharing: check this box if this room type is a shared room, e.g. if you have a hostel or dormitory where the room should be bookable multiple times.

Capacity: Here you add the maximum capacity for this room type, e.g. 2 if this is a double room and 6 if this is a 6 bed dormitory.

Types of beds

Number of beds: select the number of each bed type available for this room type.

Extras on offer

Bookable extras have two roles.

The first option is to offer paid extras to upsell with your products, e.g. Breakfast, a bottle of wine in your room on arrival, childrens bed. You can attach questions to each extra the customer is required to reply to, e.g. with the breakfast you could ask, Are you a vegetarian?

The second option is to have the bookable extras included in the main price. In that case the role of extras is to customize questions to ask the customer some product related questions. E.g. if they are allergic to some detergent or flowers (given that this is relevant for you to know).

If you have created bookable extras they will appear here. You can select those that are applicable to this particular room type.  If you haven´t created bookable extras this section will be empty and you can follow the steps in this article to create bookable extras and add them at later point. If you decide to create the extras now, remember to scroll first to the bottom of the page to save what you have done so you don´t have to start again.


You can select tags to describe your room type, these tags will be visible in your online booking engine. To add tags select “Room/apartment facilities” and/or “Room Type”, then you get a drop down list of tags you can select.


select the images that belong to this room type. If you have followed this instructions and you are setting up your accommodation for the first time you probably haven´t added pictures yet. N that case there are not going to be images here, you can always come back to this point after adding images, which will be described a bit later in this article. If you want to jump to that step now, Here are instructions on how to add pictures for the accommodation.

If you have already added images they will appear here and you can select the ones that belong to this room type. The images you select will be visible in your online booking engine.

The last thing to do before continuing is to save the information you have just added.

 You repeat this step for every room type you have to add.

The second step is to add “room rates”

Room rates are used to add different prices to your products. E.g. to offer standard rate and non refundable rate. When you saved the room type you just created, “standard” room rate was automatically created and added to the room type.

You don't have to add more room rates if you only have one rate per room. If you have more than one rate per room, you can create more rates.

To create a new room rates select “Add” by room rates.

To create a new room rate fill in these fields:

Title: add the name of the room rate.

Available room types: select the rooms that should get this new room rate.

Capacity & restrictions

Limit occupants to: if there is a max limit on occupants for this room rate add the limit here.

Night Restrictions: select the min and max number of nights that can be stayed with this room rate, if any.

Weekdays: select the days of the week, where this room rates is applicable.

Months: select the months of the year this room rate is available.

Cancellation Policy

Select the cancellation policy applicable to this room rate.

The third step is to add “Rooms”

When you have added all your room types, you add the room numbers to each room type. When you add rooms, you are adding the number / names of your rooms, e.g. rooms 101-112. The rooms you add are your availability, and are available unless booked or closed. When a guest books online, he is automatically assigned to a specific room e.g. room 101, that will then be taken out of your availability.

To add you room numbers (availability) select “Click here to manage the rooms” or you can select the “Room list” tab at the top of the product page.

The first thing to do is to add a building. If you only have one building you can just add “Main building”. In the case you have a camping, cabins, cottages, then it is enough to create just one building that could be e.g. “Cabins”. In that case it best to add each specific cabin as a room number/name.

When you have added your building/buildings you can add your room numbers/names.

To add room numbers select “add” by “beds (total: =0)”, or “rooms (total: =0)”.

Title: the numbers or title of the rooms. E.g. 1-10 (to create 10 rooms together) or the name of the room “The violet room”.

Building: select the building this/these room(s) belongs to.

Floor: select the floor this room(s) belong to, if applicable.

Room types: Select the type of room that fit the room number(s) you added.

Save and repeat for every room number or set of room numbers.

You can always get back to this page by selecting “Room list” tab at the top of the product page. 

The fourth step is to “set up product pricing”

To add prices to you product select the “Pricing” tab at the top of the product page.

In the pricing you can add prices to this product for each of your price catalogs (given that you have more than one), in all currencies you have activated.

On the left hand site you will see in the red box ,what prices in which currencies and which price catalogs are missing for this product.

Prices are manage centrally in Bókun, this view in the product page, only allows you to add prices to your products. To manage date ranges, currencies, add more price catalogs etc. Select “Products" on the top bar and "Pricing” from the drop down list

When you have added and saved your prices the product is ready for sale and the only thing left to do is to select the “Publish now” button in the top right hand corner. Don't worry about publishing the product, it is not going anywhere for sale unless you add it somewhere to be sold or set up contract with your re-sellers on marketplace.

What you have left to add are images. The images you add to the Image Gallery can be added to specific room types. When the images are added to specific room types they will be available in the online booking engine.

To add images, start by going to the "Overview" tab.

Then select “Edit” by image gallery.

In the gallery you upload or drag and drop the images you would like to add to your accommodation.

To add the images to specific room types, go back to the accommodation after you have uploaded your pictures. Either select the name of the accommodation or go back on your browser. Then select the room type you want to add images to.

Scroll to the bottom and select the images, by clicking them, you want to attach to the room type. When you have clicked the image it will become clear and you have selected it.

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