To sign up for Bokun's free trial, start by going to:

Alternatively, you can access this page from our website: by selecting "Free Trial".

In the signup process, you are first asked to select your role. There are two options "Supplier" and "Reseller" - choose what fits your company better. 

Note: all accounts in Bokun are both sellers and supplier accounts. Even though you might have selected "Supplier" in the signup process, you can be a seller too. The same applies if you select "Seller", you can also be a supplier.

On the first page (out of two pages) you add your company information: 

Company name: Add your company name
Company email: Add your company e-mail. This is the e-mail where you will receive booking notifications. Note that the e-mail can be changed at any point.
Address: Add your company's street address. If you have issues finding your street address with the Google address field, select the " Can't find your address? Click here to enter manually." located below the address field.
Company reg. number: This field is not mandatory, unless your company has an Icelandic address. In the case your company is Icelandic, this is your Kennitala.
VAT: This field is not mandatory: Add your VAT number.
Website: Add your company's website, e.g.
Phone: Add your phone number. Note that the format requires your country code. E.g. if you have a US phone number, add +1 followed by your phone number .
Are you a Viator supplier?: If you are adding your supplier ID here, we can help upload your products from Viator to Bokun. You can also leave this field empty and send it to us at a later point.
Upload your company logo: Upload your logo. 

On the right side of the screen you can see a preview of a customer ticket. The company information is added to it as you add them to the form. 

Note that all this information can be edited again after you sign into Bokun. 

Click on Continue to proceed to the next step of the signup: 

Enter your team domain *: This is the domain of your website. Enter a single word with lower case letters, and this domain will be your login link to Bokun. E.g. I added "destiny" as the domain in this example. My login link will be

First name: Your first name  
Last name: Your last name
Email: Your e-mail. This e-mail will be your username for Bokun
Password: Add your password 

Click on Continue to go to the next step. Now you will arrive at a login screen for Bokun and have successfully finished your signup. You will just need to log in here to get started on your free trial: 

After you log in for the first time, you will see a "Getting started" screen. This will guide you through the first few steps you need to do to get your products up and running in Bokun. 

If you need any assistance either in the signup process or setting up after you login to Bokun, use the chat balloon to be in touch with us and we are happy to help you get started. 

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