Please Note: If your products have not been uploaded by the Bokun team already please contact us trough the chat function in Bokun and send us your Viator Supplier ID and/or Viator Product Code of one of your products if you are listed on Viator.

When the products have been added to your account you need to add Prices and Availability to each Tour & Activity.

Step 1 : Adding Price to Your Products
This is done by opening your product settings by going to "Products" on the top bar, then select - "Tours & Activities", from the drop down list. Then select the product you need to add prices to from the list of your products.

How to add Prices
After opening the product click on the "Pricing" Tab. Add the missing prices to the product by writing them into the fields, then select save prices. 

If you still get a warning that your prices aren't added, check if there is a red box on the left hand side of the screen, this box tells you which prices are still missing. 

Here are common issues related to pricing and instructions on how to fix them.

The correct pricing category is not on the product.
The correct currency is not listed.

Step 2 : How to add Availability
Select the "Availability" tab in the product to add availability.

To add availability for date ranges, select  either the "Set availability for date range" link, or select "Actions" and then select " "Set availability for date range" from the drop down list. You will end up at the same place.

On the screen you get to you have an editor to add availability in bulk. 

  • Start time / departure: Check the boxes by the depature time/times you are adding availability to. You can select more than one.
  • Time interval: is the time period you intend to change the availability/price. You can choose a year or specific time interval.
  • Months: You can choose whether all months are available or not.
  • Weekdays:  You can choose whether all days of the week are available or not.
  • Handling existing availabilities on the interval: This only applies when existing availability is found on the selected time interva

If you are updating your current availability check “set to full availability (minus any bookings already made)” - to override the current availability.

If you are changing the number of min pax, select "Override with minimum number of participants".

Make sure when you change the availability that the booking capacity is also set correctly so you won't override that also when you select save. Otherwise, the system overrides unlimited with whatever limits you have inserted earlier.

NOTE: this availability editor only adds availability. It does NOT delete availability. To delete availability select "Actions -> Remove all availability" in the availability tab.

Booking capacity: here you choose either unlimited or max. If you choose unlimited then unlimited passengers can book themselves for this trip. If you choose Max. you write in the box how many seats are available for this trip.

Minimum participants: Here you can add limits for minimum pax for the first booking. E.g. of you choose 2, then there have to be 2 people in the first booking.

Remember to save availability before leaving this page. 

Here are common issues when getting started and how to resolve them
The start time is wrong or I need more start times

When you have added your availability to the product you are ready to take the next steps in using Bokun.

You can click on the articles below or contact us trough the chat function in Bokun and ask us for assistance in the next steps. 

OTA connection
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